Missing this special lady

Ok I am really going to open my heart up here-- Hey thats what blogs are for?? Arent they?? My lovely , beautiful, talented, professional and God loving wife has been gone for the past week to help her birth mother go home. She (her birth mother) is in Hospice and we dont know for sure how long she has to go, so Terri has unselfishly taken the time to go to Ohio and take care of her and all of her affairs, along with running 2 businesses all the while, in addition to completely going thru her birth mothers house (somewhat of a hoarder) and sorting things out there. She has given of herself so very much and I cant express enough the love that I have for this woman. She would o anything for anyone , not thinking of herself but of others fiirst. She is a true example of how Christ would want us to live our lives. Her presence in this house is missed so much and I cant wait to have her back here again. I love my wife!!!


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