Life is Short

There comes a time in our lives when we have to look back at it and ask ourselves what we would or could have done differently. As I write this, my wife Terri has just been with her Birth Mother Dona as she went to be with the Lord. It makes me look at how much time we really have on this earth and if we are wasting it or if we are doing everything we can to life a fulfilled life that is pleasing to the Lord. I know for myself, this has really hit home being so close to me. I have experienced death of loved ones in the past, a LOT of death within a short period. I lost my mother, my stepfather and my sister all within 6 month of each other. I dont think I ever dealt with it completely .

But now, as I look at my life and see what I have done, I look to my remaining time here and want to do a lot of things differently. I want to embrace the time I have left here and fulfill my purpose that God has for me on this earth. I want to reconcile with my children, want to be the best husband I can be for my wife, be the best friend I can be to my friends, and most important, use the talents God has blessed me with to the fullest to be able to touch others for Gods glory, not mine. I want to hear those words "Well done good and faithful servant-- Enter into Paradise."

What are You going to do with the rest of your life?

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