Passing away of Pets

This is a hard thing. Pets are not just animals to most of us. They are part of the family. They are unconditionally loving, no matter what happens, no matter how we seem to treat them . It can be a dog or cat, a bird or horse, an iguana or rabbit, doesnt really matter what the pet is, but there always comes that day when we must say goodbye. It could be that they get sick, that they get injured, or that they just get old.

We have to say goodbye to Izzy in the next couple of days. I have only known Izzy for about a year and half, but Terri has had her for about 5 or so years. She found her living in a culvert in front of her house, and it took some doing to get her to trust her. She was infested with so much stuff, her fur was so matted and she was in bad shape. But Izzy has become the dominant Alpha cat in a house with 3 dogs and 4 cats. I nicknamed her Izzy Osborne, simply because it seemed to fit.

Izzy was diagnosed with a mouth and throat cancer about a year or so ago, and they wanted to do all kinds of expensive surgery and then possibly she would not make it and if she did, be in constant pain and on medicine. So Terri opted to let things run their course. She has been fine up until the past few weeks. She actually hasrubbed her mouth on the concrete until it was raw and bleeding just to ease the discomfort.

We helped her thru all of that and then she seemed fine again. Then just lately she has been not eating well and her breathing has become somewhat labored and raspy. She actually has to breath with her mouth open.

We have decide that it is time. We dont want her to be in pain or in discomfort. After contacting several places that perform these final services, we have decided to do it at home. Granted it is more expensive, very expensive, but as I said in the beginning of this post, she is family. The happiness and companionship she gave us is worth it.

So we are taking the day to make her as comfortable a possible and let the other animals say their final goodbyes, they seem to know that something is up.

So we cherish the moments we had with her, and the final hours are very precious to us. She will be missed. Her attitude, her extremely loud purr, her independence, her loving face rubs, yes I will even miss her long hair being all over the bed. Ill miss her deformed ear as a result of a spider bite, and just the fact that Izzy was such a survivor. That was one of the things that kept Terri going before we got married and she was living alone, they bonded in that fact that they both are survivors,no matter what gets thrown at them.

Terri has been through so much in the past couple of months with the passing of her aunt, then her birth mother, and now we have to say good bye to Izzy.

Well, I dont really know if pets go to Heaven, it doesnt speak anywhere in the Bible about that, but I do know that God made animals in a way that they do have feelings, compassion and understanding. So I guess Im just going to say that I am pretty sure that there will be pets in Heaven, and I know that we will see Izzy there.

Goodbye good friend and family member Izzy-- you will be very much missed by us all.

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