President Trump Hammer

Well, it is done. The hammer that was made for President Trump is on its way to him. This was a piece that took a lot of thought , dedication , prayer and expense to do, but it is well worth it.

The hammer is one of the best ones that we have created. It is full metal head with engraved knotwork, it has President Trumps name and his motto,"Make America Great Again" on one side and a waving American flag on the other.

The handle is hand cast pewter rings with a handcast pewter pommel, the leather is fine Italian leather that was laser cut and the painstakingly attached and burnished by my lovely wife Terri.

The base was designed in Artcam software and cut on my small CNC machine. The attached plaque was done on my CO2 laser.

We are proud to have done this piece, some may not agree with us, but with the values that President Trump has exhibited , we feel that he is the person God has placed in this position.

Our prayers are with him and his family as he begins this journey to Make America Great again.

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