Thorhammers studio

When you walk through the the large Bay door of Thorhammers Studio, it's definitely not what you expect when you hear the words "art studio or gallery" You are greeted with a working Studio. A large 10 foot tall rustic wood cross mounted in a stone and various articles representing The Armor of God, many different original wall hanging with beach scenes, an exotic wood sea turtle, and much more, but this is just stepping in. As you continue through the studio you see not only projects in various stages of completion and in different medium, but equipment to create just about any time you could imagine. There are blacksmithing tools and a forge, welders, a small CNC machine, a large CO2 laser, saws of different types, shelves full of raw material, molding materials, and it goes on. Then as you walk into another area of the studio you are greeted with a 7 foot tall handcrafted and forged working hourglass. And yes it works. There is rustic natural wood furniture, swords,predator masks, and one of the items that Clay produces , actual solid metal Thor Hammers. At any time if you just stop in for a visit,which is welcomed you may see the studio in various conditions as Clay is working on many projects in many materials, so there may be Styrofoam pellets,wood shavings,plastic or plexiglass, aluminum machining chips or even molten metal in the studio. Clay is very open and doesn't mind discussing your project with you, or even talk about existing or past projects he has done. Clays Studio is located in Palm Coast at in the Hargrove industrial park. His address is 23 Hargrove Grade suite B Palm Coast His direct number is 8103580209 Email 

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